Little Miami Bike Trail  
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Loveland Bike Trail


Yellow Springs
Spring Valley
Stubbs-Mills Rd
South Lebanon
Kings Mills



Rules Of The Trail

The Little Miami Scenic River Bike Trail

The Little Miami Bike Trail, or Loveland Bike Trail as it is commonly referred to, is a multipurpose trail, please be courteous to others including hikers and skaters. Trail users must stop and move off pavement when patrol, maintenance or other emergency vehicles approach.

Cyclists must obey all Ohio traffic laws which pertain to bicyclists, including

  • STOPPING: at all posted road crossings
  • YIELDING: to vehicle traffic, slower traffic and pedestrians.
  • SIGNAL: giving an audible signal when passing.

Night cyclists must have front white light and rear red light. No headphones or earphones are permitted while cycling. Protective gear, including helmets, is encouraged. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail. Please do not trespass onto adjacent privately owned lands. Pets are permitted on the trail provided they are on a hand-held leash no longer than six feet. State law prohibits alcohol on public land. Fires are not permitted.

All organized activities or events require a special permit. Horse drawn vehicles also require a special permit. Please park bikes in designated areas only, and do not leave unattended. In case of emergency contact the county sheriff or call 911. Sheriff office numbers for this region are: Warren County, (513) 932-4080; Clermont County, (513) 732-2231; Hamilton County, (513) 825-2280; Greene County, (513) 376-5111.